Kas Paragliding

Per Person 1400TL

Kas Paragliding

Would you like to spread wings to freedom with tandem paragliding in Kaş? You don't need to know anything about flying to fly tandem paragliding in Kaş. While our experienced pilot guides your journey, all you have to do is enjoy the magnificent view. Enjoy gliding in the sky accompanied by the blue waters of Kaş and the view of Meis Island!

First of all, make a reservation and come to our office in Kaş center about 15 minutes before your flight time. After meeting you, we go to Take Off (paragliding take-off area), located on Asas Mountain at an altitude of approximately 650 meters, with a view of Kaş peninsula. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the top of the hill.

After a short briefing at the flight time, we put on our equipment and start our paragliding flight.

After a magnificent paragliding flight with a view of Kaş, Peninsula and Meis Island, we land at Kaş Harbor.

You can request shooting with an action camera from your pilot so that you can save and share the beautiful moments you have experienced during the flight. Who wouldn't want to save a moment while flying freely in the sky!

How Long Does Kas Paragliding Take ?

Under normal weather conditions, a paragliding flight in Kaş takes between 15 and 35 minutes on average.

It should be reminded that; Paragliding is a nature sport. Therefore, we do not use any engine during the flight. The flight takes place based only on the wind, hot air currents and the total weight of the flight crew. For this reason, the flight time may differ from person to person and according to the weather events during the flight hours, plus or minus.

Who Can Do Kas Paragliding Activity

  • No alcohol before flight
  • Minimum 35kg, Maximum 100kg weight
  • Without Heart Disease
  • without respiratory distress
  • without asthma
  • without panic attacks
  • not pregnant
  • Without Pacemaker

people can fly with paragliding

Things You Have To Bring With You While You Are Coming To Kas Paragliding ?

Our paragliding take-off area in Kaş is a bit of a stony area. For this reason, we do not want to hurt your feet during our take-off run. We would like you to bring a sneaker-style shoe that can protect your ankle and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun when you come to the paragliding flight.

Please do not come to the paragliding flight with slippers or high heels.

What Is Included To Kas Paragliding ?

  • Awesome Kas view
  • An unforgettable flight full of adrenaline and fun
  • Transfer from our office to Kas paragliding take off
  • Flight insurance

What Is Not Included To Kas Paragliding ?

  • Photo & Video with action cam (Go Pro)

Things You Shouldn't Have With You In Kas Paragliding

During the paragliding flight; Passengers are not allowed to have a mobile phone, camera or action camera (go pro etc.) and take photos or videos.

Kas Paragliding Terms

  • In the paragliding take-off area, preparing for and starting the flight is entirely at the discretion of the pilot for safety reasons. A tandem paraglider pilot may delay or cancel the flight altogether if the wind direction and speed, and the passenger's health and psychological condition are not safe for the flight.
    In this case, the paid fee will be refunded without interruption.
  • If the passenger at the paragliding take-off area, within the briefing given by the responsible tandem paragliding pilot, does not follow the commands, delays or jeopardizes the flight, the pilot may cancel the flight.
    In this case, the fee paid is non-refundable.
  • The passenger must be present at our office at least 15 minutes before the flight reservation time. The flight of the passenger who is not ready for the flight on time is cancelled.
    In this case, the fee paid is non-refundable.
  • If the tandem paragliding pilot, who will make the flight before the reservation for the purpose paragliding flight, decides that the weather conditions are not suitable, the flight is delayed or canceled.
    In this case, the paid fee will be refunded without interruption.

Kas Paragliding Prices

Per person 1400 TL

When Can Kas Paragliding Do?

Time Table
1.Flight 09:00
2.Flight 10:00
3.Flight 11:00
4.Flight 12:00
5.Flight 13:00
6.Flight 14:00
7.Flight 15:00
8.Flight 16:00

Kas Paragliding Activity TimeLine


    After meeting at our office in Kaş center 15 minutes before our flight time, we take you to our paragliding take-off area (Take Off) on Asas Mountain.

    Kas Paragliding pilots

  • Arrival and Preparation tothe Take OffAsas Mountain Take Off

    After arriving at our paragliding take-off area on Mount Asas, our pilots will give you a briefing on what you need to do during take-off, flight and landing.

    After this briefing, the paraglider will equip you with your flight equipment and will make its own preparations.

    Kaş Yamaç Paraşütü Take Off

  • FlightKas Skies 700 mt

    After the necessary air and flight safety checks have been made, you will hear the take off sound;


    now we fly

    After starting our flight in the view of Meis island at an average of 700 meters in the skies of Kaş, we will first fly to the Sleeping Giant location and say hello.
    Then we will sail on the sea and, if you wish, we will do aerobatic maneuvers and make a safe landing at Kaş Harbor. Maybe if you are lucky enough, you can see the Turtles in Kaş harbor during the descent.

    Kaş Tandem Yamaç Paraşütü

  • Good memoriesPhoto and Video Transfer

    If you wish, we will transfer the photos and videos we took with our action camera during the flight to your phone with our device.

    Kaş Yamaç Paraşütü Go Pro

Activity program may vary according to daily weather conditions.