Kas 1* Star Diving Course

Per Person 3000TL

Kas 1* Star Diving Course

With the TSSF – CMAS 1* Star Diver Certificate, which you will be entitled to receive after receiving 1 Star diving course, you can dive up to 18 meters at most, provided that you have at least a 3-star diver with you.

In Kaş 1* star diving course, we will have a total of 12 hours of theoretical lessons in our diving school and diving boat and 5 dives where you will practice the skills you have learned in these theoretical lessons. If you successfully complete the skills that your diving instructor expects you to do in these 5 dives we will do together, you will be entitled to receive the TSSF - CMAS 1* Diver Certificate.

The topics you will learn in theoretical lessons during our Kaş 1 star diving training;

  • What are scuba diving equipment? How to use diving equipment?
  • How to communicate with signs underwater?
  • How are our senses affected in Diving?
  • What are the effects of pressure on our body and diving equipment in diving?
  • What are the effects of the gases we breathe under pressure on our body during diving?
  • What should a correct dive plan be?
  • How do we save ourselves and our partner if we experience an emergency while diving?

The skills that your dive instructor will expect you to apply during your 1 star diving training in Kaş;

  • Installation of diving equipment
    • Connecting the tube and regulator
    • Making BCD (Balance Vest) connection
  • Proper weight belt preparation
  • Mask and Palette preparation
  • Donning and removing scuba gear above water
  • Water entry techniques
  • Use of BCD above water
  • Communication under water
  • Buoyancy
  • Mask water discharge under water
  • Taking off and putting on a mask underwater
  • Removing the regulator we use for breathing from the mouth and taking it again
  • Sharing air with the dive partner
  • Breathing techniques
  • Correct use of pallets
  • Donning and removing scuba gear underwater
  • Simple first aid

How Long Does Kas 1* Star Diving Course Take ?

1 Star diving training takes a total of 2 days with 5 practice dives.

Who Can Do Kas 1* Star Diving Course Activity

  • Did not drink alcohol before training
  • over 14 years old
  • Without Heart Disease
  • without respiratory distress
  • without asthma
  • without panic attacks
  • not pregnant
  • Without Pacemaker

people can get CMAS 1 star diving training in Kaş.

Things You Have To Bring With You While You Are Coming To Kas 1* Star Diving Course ?

  • Shorts / Swimwear - Bikini
  • Towel
  • 1 photo

What Is Included To Kas 1* Star Diving Course ?

  • TSSF - CMAS 1 star Diver Theoretical Training Book
  • theoretical training
  • 5 Practice Dive
  • Equipment use
  • Insurance

What Is Not Included To Kas 1* Star Diving Course ?

  • Food and beverages
  • Photo and Video Shooting

Things You Shouldn't Have With You In Kas 1* Star Diving Course

We have a cafe and bar on the boat. Therefore, it is not allowed to bring food and drink from outside to the boat.

Kas 1* Star Diving Course Terms

  • Preparing and starting the dive at the dive site and on the boat is entirely at the discretion of the dive instructor for safety reasons. The dive instructor may delay or completely cancel the dive if the weather conditions and the test diver's health and psychological condition are not safe for diving. In this case, the fee paid will be refunded.
  • If the discovery diver, on board and in the water, does not follow the commands within the brief given by the responsible dive instructor, delaying or jeopardizing the dive, the dive instructor may cancel the dive.
    In this case, the fee paid is non-refundable.
  • The discovery diver must be present at the dive boat in Kaş harbor at least 15 minutes before the boat departure time for the discovery dive. If the discovery diver is not present on the boat in time for the dive, the dive is cancelled.
    In this case, the fee paid is non-refundable.
  • If the dive instructor who will make the discovery dive decides that the weather conditions are not suitable before the reservation made for the discovery dive, the discovery dive will be postponed or cancelled.
    In this case, the fee paid will be refunded.

Kas 1* Star Diving Course Prices

Per person 3000 TL

When Can Kas 1* Star Diving Course Do?

Boat Departure Times - From Kaş Harbor
Morning Departure 10:00 Noon Return 13:30
Afternoon Departure 15:00 Evening Return 18:30

Kas 1* Star Diving Course Activity TimeLine

  • Meeting at Diving BoatDeparture From Kas Harbour

    You need to be on our Neptune Dive Clup boat in the 2nd car park area of Kaş harbor at 09:45 at the latest for the morning cruise and at 14:45 at the latest for the afternoon cruise.

    After our boat leaves the port, we will arrive at our dive site after an average of 15-30 minutes of cruising, whichever diving point you will go to in your diving program that day.

    Kaş Neptune Dalış Teknesi

  • Arrival at the Diving SpotTheoretical Lesson and Practice Diving

    After arriving at our diving point determined according to our training program that day, our diving instructor will give a theoretical lesson.

    Neptune dalış brifing

  • PreparationPreparation for Diving

    Now it's time to apply what you learned in the 1 star diving training theory class!

    Our diving team will provide you with diving equipment, masks, bc, suits and fins suitable for your body size. Afterwards, you can set up your own diving equipment with the knowledge you have learned.

    After equipping your gear, you can take your place on the platform and wait for your diving instructor.

    Neptune dalış deneme dalışı kaş

  • Diving1 Star Diver Training Diving

    Once you have identified your dive partner, you will dive to practice your planned diving skills under the supervision of your dive instructor.

    Kaş 1 yıldız eğitim dalışı

  • DebriefingEvaluation of Training Diving

    The evaluation of the 1 star diving training practice dive is evaluated together with your diving instructor, and the issues that need improvement, if any, are determined.

    Kaş 1 yıldız dalış eğitimi cmas

Activity program may vary according to daily weather conditions.