Kas King's Tomb

Kas King's Tomb

One of the different types of tombs seen in Anatolia is the sarcophagus. At the beginning of the works that have survived from the Lycians are the tombs carved into the rocks in some of the Lycian cities and the sarcophagi on all four sides. The most magnificent of these sarcophagi is the Lycian Written Mausoleum, which is located on Uzun Çarşı Street in Kaş (Andifli) today and is known as the King's Tomb among the people. (4th century BC) The work consists of a single block and has an eight-line inscription in Lycian language (in some sources it is called Lycian). This sarcophagus, which has survived to the present day and was made of a single block, is 1.5 m. There are bead motifs on the lower part of the length and an eight-line Lycian inscription. IV. Since the epitaph of this tomb, which was dated to the 16th century, could not be read, it could not be understood to whom it belonged. On this pedestal is the sarcophagus of the monument in the form of a rectangular prism. On the north-west pediment of the cover, there is a sad-looking male and female figure leaning on his stick, his right leg crossed over his left. The hyposorium carries a detailed Lycian epitaph about who will be given the right of burial.

Where is Kas King's Tomb

The King's tomb is located in the center of Kas, at the end of the long bazaar.

How to Go to Kas King Tomb?

In the center of Kas, walk from Cumhuriyet Square to the direction of the long bazaar. You will see the ancient king tomb at the end of the slope in the long bazaar.

Kas King's Tomb Entrance Fee

Kas King Tomb is free to visit.