Kas Big Pebble Beach

Kas Big Pebble Beach

The Big Pebble Beach is so close to the center of Kas that you can even walk. It is enough to follow the sea from the center of Kaş and go to your left.

There are a few cafes on Büyük Çakıl Beach.

In addition, some of these establishments serve dinner by the sea in the evenings.

Where is Big Pebble Beach?

Büyük Çakıl Beach is about 20 minutes on foot and 5 minutes by car on the way from Kaş center to Limanağzı.

How to Go to Big Pebble Beach?

You can reach the Big Pebble Beach in approximately 20 minutes by walking from the helipad - east direction from the beach to the center of Kaş, or in 5 minutes by following the beach if you have a car.

It is also possible to reach the center by minibuses.

There is a small amount of car parking on the big pebble beach.

Great Pebble Beach Entrance Fee

Entry to Big Pebble Beach is free.

However, you can use the sun loungers and umbrellas of the facilities on the beach for a fee. Some facilities do not charge a certain amount of food and beverage shopping.