Kas Small Pebble Beach

Kas Small Pebble Beach

Small Pebble Beach; It is the closest beach you can easily go to in the center of Kas. There are no sandy beaches in Kas because Kas and its surroundings are rocky areas.

Small Pebble Beach, which you can reach when you go down a narrow area on the other side of the harbor, is small enough for a small number of people to sunbathe at the same time, but it is a beach that attracts you with its clean water.

Where is Small Pebble Beach?

Küçük Çakıl Beach is located in the center of Kaş, beyond the Coast Guard campus at the port.

How to Go to Little Pebble Beach?

To walk to Küçük Çakıl Beach, all you have to do is follow the slope that goes parallel to the sea on the left from Cumhuriyet Square in the center of Kaş. After passing the Gendarmerie building, you can see Küçük Mind Beach on your right.

It wouldn't make much sense to go to Little Pebble Beach by car. Because there are really very few places to park a car around.

Small Pebble Beach Entrance Fee

Small Pebble Beach is free to enter.